GoldMine Corporate 7.6 Release

FrontRange Solution’s release an update to GoldMine Corporate Edition – Here are some notable points:

Support for Microsoft Office 2010 (32-bit version) provides integration with the latest version of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.  The 64-bit version of Office 2010 is not supported.

Support for Windows 7 as an end-user operating system.

Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1 (SP1).

Support for Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 (SP2).

Support for Windows Server 2008 R2.

Support for Windows Internet Explorer 8.

Cross-field validation enables an F2 lookup list to change based on the value in another field.

Option to “Show contact name on activity tabs” for use in account rollup.

Simultaneous alarms displayed within a single screen

Ability to import a One-Button-sync profile without using GoldMine user-to-user messaging

Below is a list of fixes:


# Issue Description
118303 From: e-mail address is truncated when replying to an e-mail sent from Outlook with Exchange 2007
116660 Repeated Outlook sync deletes calendar items
113046 History created with blank Accountno when running AP if another AP with preemptive event with trigger on dBASE condition using user-defined field is run at same time when scanned against a filter
105911 Transfer set with over 4GB of documents results in error when retrieving Linkdocs.gts on remote:  “Unable to set end of file: %s”
105446 Exception may occur when clicking New Site button in GoldSync Administration Center
104782 Font is set to Times New Roman 3 while composing new e-mail from HTML template
102235 Synctask table is not cleared after a site has completed its sync, resulting in erroneous message during next sync
101798 ADO error during sync
101613 Add ClearTLogByDelFilter setting to optimize sync performance with deletion filter
100458 When using same return address for several e-mail accounts only the first SMTP server in the list is used to send e-mails
100284 Merge/Purge tagged records does not update Accountno for all Conthist records, causing the items not to be shown on the history tab for the surviving record
100236 ADO errors recorded during sync processing
100046 E-mails sent from Newfoundland are being received 2.5 hours earlier in the GoldMine E-mail Center
99675 E-mail body becomes empty after download under certain conditions (e.g. when a certain signature is used)
99269 All data packed into transfer set does not retrieve on remote
97522 E-mail composed by clicking hyperlink in Excel spreadsheet causes error message to be displayed when read in Outlook by recipient
97286 Automated Process is not linking triggered events when executing on filtered contacts
96767 When scheduling an Event and then editing the alarm time, the time changes back to 12:00 am
96698 AllUsersForFilteredRecs setting is not respected
96130 When replying to some e-mails with corrupted HTML, the text is not copied into the reply
95898 GoldMine sync process will “stall” at random when a site displays a message of “please wait” in the process monitor window
95896 While syncing more than one site, a message appears intermittently: “The GoldMine supervisor will perform system maintenance in XX minutes”
95889 If sync process is terminated, process cannot restart until the Synctask table is manually cleansed
95648 When sorting opportunities by actual close date, the sort is not chronological
95516 Clicking a mailto: hyperlink generates incorrect text in subject line
95290 Following upgrade, cannot view/edit unit and price for Opportunity if no forecasted sale is linked
94638 Automated Processes do not process when run against filters
94512 Lookup list for Reference field when completing an event is different from lookup list shown when editing a completed event
94115 No Conttlog entries are created by a global replace with a filter
94003 FILLIN macro for Word generates multiple prompts for the same field input
93598 Automated Process events occur in order of creation, not by event numbers
92886 Detail header records in the CONTSUPP table have some blank or null field values after moving record to new database
92755 Error when Word is started before GoldMine when merging document: Word hasn’t initialized the GoldMine listener
83567 Contact Search Center does not function after launching GoldMine from the toolbar in Outlook 2007
83406 IMAP performance issues
83144 E-mail attachments not moved from receiving TEMP directory to the Attachment location at the last day of a month or the beginning of a new month
83009 Mailto: link is not parsed correctly for recipient and subject
82910 Automated Process does not merge documents in the correct order
82802 Prompt in Microsoft Word to save a copy of the template generates error
82779 Intermittent errors when clicking on a different message while mail is being retrieved
82637 Change in screen view can take 5-10 seconds when a large number of user-defined fields are in database
82553 When replying to an e-mail where the primary e-mail account is in the CC: line with multiple accounts set up, the first e-mail address GoldMine sees is being used as the from address
82546 Word merge displays incorrect fields for additional contacts
78777 Cannot print dotx template to multiple contacts
78456 Sync to Outlook does not insert contact data into Outlook activity subject
78181 Unable to schedule forecasted sales with negative values
77734 Default e-mail template sent to a filtered group will only merge the information of the current contact
77690 Certain values cause rounding error in Forecasted Sales amount
77357 Sorting on opportunity age is incorrect
77164 Completing an activity for one user while logged in as a different user displays the name of the original GoldMine user
77142 Unable to save as linked document message
76904 Process monitor logs appear under the GoldSync site logs in the GoldSync Admin Center
76815 Additional contacts’ e-mail addresses over 35 characters are truncated when exported
76677 When creating a phone message, user must link it to a contact
76591 Sale amount is doubled when you complete a sale from the opportunity pending tab
75751 Intermittent “CAL record is missing” errors when sending/receiving e-mail
75591 If remote user has an active filter, a saved sync wizard profile will update to use only the active filter instead of its saved settings
75096 Adobe Link does not put GoldMine data in fields of document
74738 Date field in Word template does not print correctly after change in formatting
73848 Report printed directly to the printer or Mail Merge does not obey an alphabetical sort order
71758 Outlook message to contact inserts the company and contact name into the message body
71517 Edit to forecasted sale may cause Closed amount to be populated in related open opportunity
71265 Outlook Sync does not respect New Record Ownership settings when adding new contact to GoldMine
69997 Opportunity user-defined fields set to zero value when completing opportunity
69964 Cannot sort opportunities by Probability or Actual Close
68361 E-mail bodies are truncated if the line length exceeds 998 characters, when sending via certain ISP’s
68302 Reply to all may result in incorrect From and To lines when several E-mail accounts are setup and original message was sent from Outlook
62902 Non-master user cannot perform Forecasted Sales analysis from the Activity List
57247 Unit and Price values are grayed out when you edit an opportunity that does not have a linked forecast sale
57178 Cloned e-mail template is not available if cloned from a sub-folder in the document management center
50830 Macro recording window does not close on Vista
49406 “Log changes in the history” in Global Replace Wizard does not work when a filter is used

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