Why You Might Want to CRASH Your GoldMine

That’s right … I said you might want to “Crash” your GoldMine!   We have a salesperson who uses GoldMine all day long and has done a  ton of personalization to his GoldMine toolbar.  His toolbar saves him a lot of time and helps him to sell more.   The other day this salesperson accidently hit the “Reset” on their GoldMine Toolbar.   He freaked-out at the thought of having to recreate all their personalization, or worse, having to work with the default toolbar.   What could he do to “undo” their problem?   The answer was simple, albeit not obvious.  Here’s an easy trick for GoldMine Administrators to know about if someone comes to you in a panic because they accidently “reset” their GoldMine Toolbar.

Because the users Toolbar settings are stored in the GoldMine users “.INI” file, and because that it written to WHEN they close their GoldMine properly, all you have to do is crash GoldMine and any changes to the users preferences are not stored.  How could we do that you might ask?  Simple, just go into the Windows Task Manager and “End Process” for the GoldMine Executable (GM.exe).  This “kills” the GoldMine software application and the INI is NOT written to with the changes to his GoldMine preferences including the “reset” of the GoldMine Toolbar.  The user’s problem is solved easily!  And he thanked me profusly for saving his customizations!   (NOTE:  This will only work if you do it BEFORE the user logs out of GoldMine!)

First Direct Corp. offers a 1 hour webinar on “Two Terrific Productivity Tools” that goes into how to sell more efficiently with the GoldMine Toolbar and Taskbar.  Visit  http://www.1stdirect.com/events/gmtools.php for information.