OmniRush Sunset Announcement


Sadly, it is time to say goodbye to OmniRush.


While OmniRush is a Swiss-army-knife of function (fax, print, shipping, email), over 90% of OmniRush is for fax. And fax has died. Fax is used in an ever-smaller circle of verticals.

OmniRush has had quite a run. It began life as FaxRush in 1996, and grew into a suite including EmailRush, PrintRush, ShipRush Server, and CashRush. OmniRush has many thousands of installations, tens of thousands of users, and has processed tens of millions of faxes, print merges, emails and shipments.

Further, OmniRush relies on expensive licensed technology (PDF module, database engine) and is tricky to maintain, as it depends on device drivers (print drivers and fax board drivers). This is complex to manage with many versions of Windows, 64 bit environments, and more.

As a result, the cost to maintain OmniRush has gone up significantly, while sales have sunk to extremely low levels. Many businesses (Z-Firm included!) depend on OmniRush. However Z-Firm can no longer support or maintain OmniRush. Therefore Z-Firm, makers of OmniRush have decided it is time to sunset the OmniRush suite.

Rafael Zimberoff, President of Z-Firm LLC, makers of OmniRush, heartly thanks the OmniRush Community (users, resellers, etc.) for nearly 15 years of support!

This is not the end of Z-Firm!!

FYI, Z-Firm will be focusing efforts on ShipRush – their powerful integrated shipping application.  This has integration with GoldMine.  First Direct Corp. uses and sells this product.  Read more about ShipRush at

To read the complete “Sunset Announcement Letter” from Z-firm click here.

On a personal note:  As a long-time OmniRush user and Z-Firm Solutions Partner (reseller), I know I will miss OmniRush!  Fortunately, because we also love to sell and support ShipRush, I am thrilled to be continuing my relationship with Raf and his firm.  We love Raf!!