Using Override Controls To Disable Users Access To Certain GoldMine Features

Back in GoldMine 6.x, GoldMine administrators were introduced to a new feature called User Override Controls that allows administrators to centrally control/override what the users set for their preferences. This is done from the GM.ini under the [GoldMine] section via the [User-Override:<user.ini section>] header.

Through the GM.ini, the GoldMine Administrator, can set a global setting presence for your GoldMine.

For example, to disable all users access to the GoldMine taskbar the GM.ini would read as follows:


This next one sets the GoldMine default tabs that are to be displayed for all users. You are defining a
global setting for the default GoldMine tabs, overriding any user selected tab order.

RoTabItems1 = 1;2;4;5;6;7;8;9;10;11;12;13;14;

These overrides are a great way for the GoldMine Administrator to enforce company wide standards for their GoldMine.

NOTE: Any override settings configured by the Administrator in the GM.ini will ALWAYS override a user’s settings, even if they attempt to change their local preferences – GoldMine will never apply the username.ini settings if a corresponding user-override exists in the GM.ini.