GoldMine Error Message: Waiting for Permission to Log In

NOTE: This article applies to GoldMine Stardard Edition 6.7 and lower versions of GoldMine.

Symptom: GoldMine does not let anyone login. Gives message “waiting for permission to log in”

Cause: GoldMine license file has been renamed.

Reason: Administrator may have reason for not allowing users to login. If you are the administrator and your system suddenly went into this mode, it means that your database maintenance crashed in the middle of the operation. You will need to follow the following steps to correct the problem.

1. Ensure that all GM files are closed (shut down OmniRush DBIO, GoldSync, etc.)
2. Browse to the root goldmine directory and find the file named license.dbx or license.dbu
3. Rename this file to license.dbf
4. Backup your goldmine directory to a backup location. (copy it)
5. Login to GoldMine as a MASTER user.
6. Perform a database maintenance

If your system crashes again, you may have low disk space or a serious database corruption which can’t be fixed with maintenance. Free up disk space or contact First Direct Corp for further assistance.