GoldMine’s Calendar Shortcut Buttons

In GoldMine Premium Edition, the GoldMine Calendar has a shortcut button for performing various functions.   While you can drop down and select any of the options on the “local menu,” the button is “sticky” meaning it will stay set to your last choice.  The default setting/option is “Today” which when pressed will bring you to the current date range.  But you can change it to any of the other options. 

Go to Date – will let you select a specific date to jump the GoldMine calendar view to.

Email – will launch an email to the primary contact email for the contact record associated with any selected GoldMine Calendar Activity.

Reply – will launch an email to the Primary Contact and offer to carry over the GoldMine Activity Reference notes into the email as well as to complete the activity itself.

Zoom – will zoom in on the GoldMine Activity to display for your all the details pertaining to the selected GoldMine Activity

Go to Contact – will take you to the associated GoldMine Contact Record

Publish Calendar and Publish Free/Busy Times – I suggest you either read more about this topic or contact First Direct if you’d like additional information or assistance with either of these options.  I would suggest you DO NOT use this feature until you have a full understanding of how it functions!

There are many other time savings and time management features and tricks related to GoldMine Scheduling and Calendar views!   This is just scratching the surface.