GISMO Licensing Change

With the release of GoldMine Premium 9.x there will be a signficant improvement in the integration between GoldMine and Outlook.  And, FrontRange expects more users to use Outlook clients in conjunction with their GoldMine CRM.  As part of this progression, FrontRange Solutions has new licensing requirements for users of this integration.

In previous versions of GoldMine, O licenses were used to extend minimal GoldMine functionality (known as “GISMO”) to Outlook users without using a GoldMine E license. In version 9.0, FrontRange Solutions is greatly increasing the GoldMine functionality inside Outlook, with additional linking options and ability to display GoldMine data in the context of Outlook e-mail messages, contacts, and calendar items. This functionality will consume an E license when used within Outlook.

In version 9.0, users will have the option of using Outlook without consuming a GoldMine license, by unchecking the “Enable GoldMine integration” box that is shown within GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Outlook.

Because of this new approach FrontRange will no longer be selling GISMO unlimited user licenses effective immediately.  In addition, they  will no longer be renewing the maintenance on the product upon expiration of the current maintenance period.  There will be no refunds issued as they will continue to support the product.

GoldMine Premium still ships with licenses for the Outlook Link.  And, you can install the GISMO link on users workstations even if they are not going to be logged into GoldMine in order for those users to link incoming and outgoing emails to records in the GoldMine database.  Previously, users would not use up a GoldMine license unless they actually logged into GoldMine.  FrontRange has changed the licensing with GISMO and now all users of GISMO will take up a GoldMine license.