Assessing, Benchmarking your GoldMine Database

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”  And there is probably nothing worth measuring and managing more than the quality of your GoldMine database.  The trouble is figuring out where to start and how to get a worthwhile read on the quality of your GoldMine database.  First Direct has done this work to get you started; we have developed a series of queries based on our years of experience and best practices to help you and your organization ensure that you are using your GoldMine database efficiently and effectively.

Three reasons for assessing and benchmarking:

  1. Set Goals and Action Programs. Know where you are, and know where you’re going. Benchmark ratios are inherently measurable and comparable, which makes them ideally suited for management-by-objective incentive programs. They help you focus your attention on the most controllable aspects of your business. Success and failure can be clearly evaluated.
  2. Monitor Performance. Keep your eye on the ball. Benchmark ratios provide an objective standard by which to measure performance. By tracking key measurements at regular intervals, busy executives can pay closer attention to those key factors that affect a company’s performance. Follow the numbers, and the numbers will set you free.
  3. Share the Results. Tell the world about your great results. Benchmark ratios enable your current and future stakeholders to objectively evaluate your company’s condition.  Many times, Senior Management will see nothing in CRM but a cost center.  So you can provide information that equates into sales, you are justifying the cost of ownership of GoldMine

Assessing your database can be revealing: 

Are you missing essential contact information? Are you reaching all the possible influencers and decision makers in your database?  Do you lack details that are needed for reports? Can someone significantly undermine your Goldmine database because of security holes in your user profiles? Are your leads being overlooked? 

First Direct has developed a GoldMine Database Scorecard – Assessment and Benchmarking Process that we use internally to review of our most important data.  We have learned that through this reporting, we are getting better data input as users are more attentive to the information they are putting into the GoldMine database. 

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If you would be interested in finding out more regarding how Assessing and Benchmarking works for First Direct and how it could be used to measure your GoldMine database, please contact us.  Ask about our special offer on our exclusive GoldMine Database Scorecard.   Email us at and put “GoldMine Database Scorecard request” in the subject of the reply.