Use Color to Flag a Field

One of the simplest and most effective ways to improve your CRM system’s design is to use color to flag users’ attention. For example, if there’s a field you want users to notice when it is filled in, make the value of the data red. On the other hand, if there’s a field that you want users to notice if it is NOT filled in, make the label red. Here’s how to do both.

The first example, (see image #1 to the left) making the data in a field a color is the easiest.
In the Field Properties “Color” tab, just assign a “Fixed Color” to the data.

To make the label stand out if the field IS EMPTY requires an expression ( see image #2 to the left) so that the field will not apply a color to the label when it has been filled in. Here’s the expression you need and where it goes.

Note: The following example will make the “Source” field label red if it is empty and black if it is not.


Your expressions can be much more advanced and even control the color of one field based on the value in another field. The point is that color is about the most visual tool a CRM administrator has available to them. So, let’s use it – don’t settle for the default color setting. Use color to catch your users’ attention.