One-Too-Many Details

One of the many advantages of GoldMine over other CRM applications like ACT! and Outlook Business Contact Manager is the “Details Tab” that GoldMine has for storing “one-too-many” types of information. 

Unlike a “Flat Field” which can only store one entry per field per record, the “Details Tab” stores data in an indexed table row.  This means you can enter a type of information once or several times for each GoldMine record.  So, when you’re dealing with the need to record information in a Record that may occur multiple times you don’t have the limitations and problems that “fields” has.  Here’s some examples of the kinds of “Details” I’ve seen organizations store in Details:  Serial Numbers, Parts, Policies, Accounts, Registrations, Expirations, etc.

There are more good reasons to use Details in GoldMine.

For each type of Detail you create in GoldMine, the system automatically gives you the ability to store 10 additional related pieces of information.  For example, if you’re capturing a Detail about a Registration, or Serial number, etc., you may want to enter a related date, notes, etc. 

Another nice aspect of GoldMine Details is that the system automatically tracks the date a user entered the original information and the date your entry was last modified, each along with the “user” in GoldMine who did so.  This “audit trail” is great for referencing and reporting!

Keep in mind that all the data you enter into Details can be reported or used in SQL queries. There are many ways to make uses of GoldMine Details.  If you have a situation where “flat fields” just simply are not designed for what you need, it may be time to consider Details.

The features and benefits of the Details Tab can be greatly expanded with an “add-on product” called “Details Plus.”  Now with the latest edition of Details Plus, this longtime popular product is even better. 

Learn more about Details and Details Plus from First Direct Corporation and give us a call.