It’s 10/31 – Halloween. So I figured I’d add a brief post about some things that are “scary” in business. BOO . . .

  • Overlooked prospects and neglected customers
  • Inability to easily put together a marketing or sales list
  • Losing touch
  • Failure to assign and qualify leads
  • Not having a handle on a deal pipeline
  • Lacking the data you need to market, sell and service
  • Unable to roll-up your CRM data into meaningful reports
  • Not knowing what is happening with your leads and accounts
  • Salespeople who are unaccountable

In business, what you don’t know can hurt you.

Its not enough to have CRM technology. You need to know how to use it and then you have to actually use it. Otherwise, all the things on that scary list will haunt you!

Trick or Treat

The good news is you can tackle these fears! There are tips & tricks you can use to help you market, sell and service better. Many of them are written about on this blog. Others are available if you call First Direct and work with us.