Big Announcement for GoldMine users who use O365 or Gmail/Gsuite for email.

Microsoft and Google have made changes to the way subscribers can access their email accounts using an email client such as GoldMine. They are forcing users to use MFA or 2 Step Verification with the use of App Passwords OR if your GoldMine supports OAuth 2.0, to use this more secure method for accessing your email accounts.

Users of GoldMine have been flooding our help desk with requests to fix their email when it stops working. This is due to the changes mentioned above. There are basically 2 options now:

  1. Use OAuth 2.0 which is now available in GoldMine 2022.2 and has been available since GoldMine 2020. Users of GoldMine on versions earlier than GMPE 2020 would need to upgrade in order to use this new methodology.
  2. Use 2 Step Verification or MFA and then create an App Password for your GoldMine. This auto generated App Password is then used as the password in your POP3/IMAP and SMTP settings in GoldMine and replaces your regular email accounts password.

OAuth 2.0 is the recommended option as it will most likely become the default option in the future, with the use of App Passwords being discontinued.

In addition, to this new method of logging in to get and send your emails, Microsoft and Google have begun to block users email accounts who violate their usage policy. This has affected a large number of our customers who use GoldMine to send broadcast/bulk emails. You are no longer allowed to send bulk emails via O365 or Gsuite/Gmail. There are other options and I have written about them in a previous article.

If you are interested in upgrading or need assistance with setting up either of the these other options please contact our office at (845) 221-3800 or contact us online.