GoldMine 2022.2 Released

What’s Changed in GoldMine Version 2022.2

GoldMine Premium Edition

  • GoldMine Plus! for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel can be installed on Microsoft Office on 64-bit.

GoldMine Connect (Web)

Five security vulnerabilities were fixed:

  1. Login password-guessing attack CVSS 7.4. We added 2 application settings in the web.config file:
    • LockAccountAfter – number user of tries before the temporary lock occurse
    • LockTime – number of minutes used for locking mechanism
  2. Password submitted using GET method CVSS 5.9. The login information is submitted using POST method
  3. Missing browser security header CVSS 4.2. We added 2 optional application settings:
    • EnableXFrameOptionsSameOrigins – Values true/false to allow GoldMine Connect to be embedded in a <iframe> html object having same origin
    • DisableStrictTransportSecurity – Values true/false to enable/disable HSTS header
  4. SSL cookies without secure flag set CVSS 4.2
  5. Open redirect CVSS 3.1

What’s Fixed in GoldMine Version 2022.2

GoldMine Premium 2022.2.0 / GoldMine Connect 2022.2.0

42644 GoldMine uses the default Email account’s signature file when replying/forwarding an Email instead of the set signature file of the replying/forwarding Email address
55272 Completions or Deletions of instances of recurring (for example daily) activities on the sending sync site will result in recreation of the pending activities on the retrieving Site
67744 Attachments with umlauts destroyed when using iso-8859-15 encoding
68937 Meeting request response time listed as GMT Time when using Office 365 email accounts
70757 Certain Office installations do not install the Policy Primary Interops reg keys – causing Outlook Link not to be installed and error The located assembly’s manifest definition does not match the assembly reference.
71895 Slow sending of emails (up to 3 minutes) as the Linked documents are scanned during sending the email when the email template contains references or the user is attaching a file from a mapped drives on a different machine
72769 When a contact has an email address with more than 35 characters >> Create E-mail from Opportunity Influencers tab does cut off the email address
73640 Having a friendly name with a special character and a comma or semi-colon as CC recipient , the e-mail address is not parsed correctly within GoldMine GoldMine recognizes first part of name as e-mail address
75156 From the Contact Search Center it is possible to schedule a Forecasted Sale for a group of tagged records >> This schedules forecast for ALL contacts and not be linked to individuals (so they are ‘orphaned’)
77645 ACCOUNTNO containing \ (maybe also other special characters) will not display phone, title and email after being added to a Relationship
87283 E-mail Center: Sporadic getImapResponseLine: Socket connection closed. Failed to get next response line from IMAP server. when getting manually emails with Auto-delete set
88708 GoldMine Link for Microsoft Outlook 64-bit on localized environments does not link emails >> There is only a spinning wheel when trying to link emails.
89236 GM+View external templates for addressing unsupported browser and wrong templates – do not work anymore in GoldMine 2022.1. Any fields containing more than 1 word are cut and only the first word is used
89263 When setting up the first email account (OAUTH2 Office 365 Work or School) from Options >> E-mail tab the default port is 25 instead of 587
89415 Documentation Request: Read Me – Office 365 Government subscriptions cannot be used with OAUTH2 connections