GoldMine 2021.2 Released

What’s Changed in GoldMine Version 2021.2

The following libraries where upgraded:

  • The cURL (See URL) library was updated to version 7.78.0
  • The Add-In Express library was updated to 9.4.4644.0 only for GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Outlook
  • Migrated the GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Outlook from .NETFramework 2.0 to .NETFramework 4.0
  • Replaced theSQL Server connection provider SQLServer Native Client OLE DB with Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQLServer
  • Removed the Net-Updatetab from License manager window.

What’s Fixed in GoldMine Version 2021.2:

  • Customer is unableto receive.wav and also MP3 email attachments in GoldMine 2018 which aresent by a voicemail service
  • Repeated import of same mails – duplicated emails within GoldMine- GoldMine downloading duplicates of emails
  • GoldMine email templates diacritical chars corrupt when using pictures in mail
  • Outlook Link does not show emails as already been linked from another Outlook instance which leads user to try to link again and getting a message that the email already exists in GoldMine
  • Receiving Read Receipt, Relayed, and Delivered Emails using Office 365 email accounts.
  • Browsing to the first record via the << chevron gets only to the set maximum display limit record, pressing again has then subsequent gaps
  • No real description/rules available what is being uploaded when uploading a GoldMine Group to Constant Contact
  • API Guide Database structure appendix CONTHIST missing fields NUMBER1 and NUMBER2 73026 API functional issue- When the feature to add a Note is used in the Code the note appears in the Notes tab of the primary contact record tab instead of the Case
  • The multi-part identifier “cs_ws.CONTSUPREF” could not be bound in Contact Search Center searches when Web Site is a selected column and Name Additional is Search By field
  • GoldMine Email -Extra lines are added to a signature/email body after replying or forwarding for emails initiated in GoldMine when using tags and previous emails on replies may appear in bold, also additional tags at the end
  • Digital Signature Verification Failure- GoldMine could not find the appropriate trusted certification authority…
  • When encoding replies on email threads and sending, GoldMine adds occasionally an tag which causes the text to
    show as Strike-through for the recipient, the historical email within GoldMine shows correct
  • Using the GMAPI in a VBS script: GMAPI does not pass the GoldMine User’s password properly – Invalid password although it is correct and provided as-is
  • In order to display a label (e.g. field or screen) with a & you need to set this up within GoldMine as && – in GoldMine Web then both && are displayed.
  • HTML decoding/encoding issue- Links are wrapped and therefore do not open properly on the recipient side
  • Misleading SoftPhone cannot beloaded error message
  • GoldMine Connect -Sent emails from OAUTH authenticated accounts are not retrieved although Email and Connect settings are correct.