First Direct Corp is a RingCentral Authorized Partner


First Direct is now a RingCentral Authorized dealer. We have also deployed RingCentral inhouse.

One of the greatest business trends in the world today is mobility and being able to work remotely. The trends in communication and CRM could not be more closely correlated. As a CRM provider for over 30 years, First Direct is uniquely prepared to bring a value-added perspective and experience to the usage of communication in conjunction with CRM.

Unified communications via the cloud is the direction businesses are going. RingCentral is a dominant player in the cloud-base telephony space. RingCentral is so much more than a phone! RingCentral provides one intuitive platform for voice, video meetings, team messaging and collaboration, and contact center.

With RingCentral a business has phone, messaging, meetings and more all in one. Bringing all your communications into one place can mean a substantial increase in productivity at a lower cost.

Benefits of RingCentral include:

  • Work together from anywhere
  • Better tracking of service
  • Integration with other applications
  • Highly security
  • Improved availability and responsiveness
  • Excellent sound and video quality

RingCentral’s security meets the most demanding security standards and demands. Seven layers of security and redundant data centers ensure user protection and high availability.

A unified communications platform is an ideal suited to integration with CRM. First Direct has integration running for both the CRM applications provide, GoldMine and Zoho. While the integration is far stronger with Zoho, because of the underlying technologies are much more compatible, we do offer a “click to dial” feature for Primary and Additional GoldMine contacts. (Zoho Information)

RingCentral is ready-to-use with most best-of-breed business apps including Google, Microsoft®, Zoho, numerous helpdesk applications such as Zoho Desk, Zendesk®, and ServiceNow®. as well as other.

RingCentral can even be used without a handset. One can simply use RingCentral’s software applications and conduct all your calls, check voicemail, send messages and even faxes directly from your computer.

Because RingCentral offers numerous connectivity options and powerful analytics they are able to offer superior voice quality within your existing infrastructure. Connection is possible via MPLS, SD-WAN, broadband, or mobile. RingCentral ensures the highest levels of voice and video quality, with professional services and real-time analytics that give IT administrators the ability to maintain a consistently excellent experience.

If you are interested switching to a cloud-based communications/telephony system we strongly recommend RingCentral. They are an industry leader being “up and to the right” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Download a PDF to learn more about RingCentral.

Download a PDF about RingCentral Integrations.

Click here for information on Zoho.