Do you use Microsoft Word for creating/writing your email content?

Microsoft Word is not designed/ment to create clean, compatible HTML email code. Microsoft Word is a word processor ment for printing documents.
Below I’ll explain why you should NEVER create email content in a Microsoft Word document and provide a better alternative.

What’s Wrong with Text copied from Microsoft Word?

When you copy text from Microsoft Word and paste it into your email builder, you are copying both text and WORD formatting. This can produce unexpected results like incorrectly formatted text, or URLs not going where you expect them to. It can also add excess underlying code that increases the total size (in kilobytes) of the email campaign, resulting in email clients like Gmail and Yahoo clipping or truncating the content or displaying it incorrectly.

How to prevent formatting issues 

The best way to write your email content is typing it directly into a text box in your email builder, or using a plain text tool, like Notepad,  NotePad++ or TextWrangler. It’s safe to copy text from a plain text environment because there is no hidden styling and HTML code that will be copied across with it, its just plain text.

How to remove excess code from content already written in Microsoft Word

If you’ve already written your email content in Word, then just copy/paste your content into a plain text environment like Notepad, NotePad++ or TextWrangler first in order to remove the WORD formatting, then copy and paste the plain text version of your content into your email builder/designer. Your emails will come out looking much nicer, will display correctly to your email recipients and your email size will be reduced greatly.