A Cloudy GoldMine Future

Is the Cloud in your future?  The decision to purchase or upgrade GoldMine is a different decision than whether to move to the cloud.

With the rest of the CRM industry fully invested in SaS (software as a service), GoldMine Premium CRM remains one of the very few CRM applications offering both a cloud and an on-premise option.

Ivanti/GoldMine CRM does offer a “cloud option” through two endorsed cloud providers that will host GoldMine and other network/user applications.  There are many other cloud providers that will host GoldMine as well.  However, the majority of firms that own GoldMine CRM install and maintain it on their own in-house server.

Firms that already own GoldMine CRM or wish to save on annual SaaS fees, are not prevented from installing GoldMine on a different cloud server hosted by any of the literally hundreds of cloud hosting providers. An existing on-premise GoldMine can be relocated to a cloud host, including all the data, without the need to repurchase GoldMine!


For a firm with an established cloud provider, putting GoldMine on your server in the cloud is a great way to get more bang for your buck. GoldMine is another application that you can leverage your hosting provider’s hardware and network resources.

While most IT professionals are aware of AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure, there are many other legitimate hosts to choose from. Hardly a day goes by that my firm’s website is not visited by another cloud provider. Just because they are accustomed to hosting dozens of software applications does NOT mean they are familiar with GoldMine CRM.

It is important to note that whether you are using GoldMine on your own in-house server OR on a third-party cloud host’s server, you can deploy GoldMine Web in order to access GoldMine Premium via your smartphone or tablet.  Click here to learn more about GoldMine Web.  In addition, GoldMine still offers synchronization capability with GoldSync for those firms that want to distribute GoldMine on laptops for “off-line” use.   GoldSync can also run in a hosted environment.

Typically cloud providers maintain the hardware, operating system, back-ups, firewall, security, power-supply, internet connectivity and user access. In most cases their customers who are using their hosting services still need to administer the business applications that are being hosted.


If GoldMine is not administered properly the GoldMine application and database can affect performance on the overall system and affect the speed of other applications. GoldMine is constantly transacting data over the network so the likelihood of performance degradation is greater. As a database with storage requirements, the GoldMine database puts demands on your system resources. Even the way users are configured and their respective properties and preferences have a significant impact. Poor system performance will both discourage and frustrate usage so it is crucial that the GoldMine administrator knows what to look for!

For these and other reasons, a highly experienced GoldMine CRM expert can add value by helping GoldMine and your entire network to operate more efficiently.

Very few cloud hosts have the in-house expertise on GoldMine CRM. I think it’s fair to say that none of the Cloud providers know GoldMine like First Direct’s GoldMine engineers do.These skills and resources may come from within the firms they provide hosting to. Or, they can be obtained from an experience GoldMine Authorized Partner.

If the “cloud” is in your future and you want to run GoldMine in that cloud, speak to First Direct Corp. Let us help you have a better experience with the cloud and your GoldMine CRM.  Contact me – Call (845) 221-3800