Anti-Harassment & Discrimination Training

First Direct Corp just conducted an HR training program for all employees. The course is called “Anti-Harassment & Discrimination: The Respectful Workplace.”  The class was conducted by our Professional Employer Organization which is Ethan Allen HR Services and taught by Jane Sterling.

This sort of training is required by all employers in NY State, even those with one employee.  The deadline for completion is Oct. 9, 2019.

I believe there are many details and aspects to this subject that employers and employees would be surprised to know.  I encourage every employer to not wait for the deadline.  And, to take the matter seriously.  Not just because it is the law.  But also because it helps you to build a better workplace.

If you’d like to learn more and to obtain training, for those of you in the Hudson Valley of New York feel free to contact Ethan Allen or even Jane.  They conduct such programs for there HR/Staffing clients and non-clients. You can call (845) 471-1200.

I am happy to provide a reference for their services.

Bob Ritter