When Spending Money Costs You More Money

It never ceases to amaze me how many customers will spend their money and time in order to avoid using an expert.  In other words, they will use someone or a firm that lacks the specific qualifications and experience for a task hand, rather than engaging and expert.  Why is this?  There’s a number of incorrect assumptions that are the basis for this.

The most common assumption is that the expert will cost them more money.  An expert may cost more per hour, but they justify their rate in a few ways:

  1. The expert’s experience and skills enable them to accomplish the task in much less time that someone who is doing the task for the first time.
  2. The expert is far more likely to accomplish the task correctly the first time.  Whereas, someone without the experience will often make mistakes.
  3. The expert is not “learning” on your clock and dime.

Another assumption is that your can trust your own resource, whether it is in-house or external service provider, more than the expert.   The outside expert has had to build their business and reputation on doing the task at hand.  They have testimonials and have proved themselves. This can’t be said of a resource without experience.  And, because there is much more at stake for the internal resource if they “screw-up,” I believe it is fair to say that the internal resource is more apt to cover-up for their mistakes.

Sometimes the reason for selecting a known resource, such as existing IT consultant, is that they are competing for the business of the expert.  In an effort to win the additional billable time, they may make claims and offer assurances that they can’t truly back up.  But because they have an established working relationship with the customer, the customer is more apt to give them the opportunity.  The reality is that if that consultant really is acting in the good faith interests of the customer, it may be more appropriate for them to guide the customer to the expert.  And, the customer should question why they don’t!

I can’t tell you how many times I’m contacted by organizations who have had unsatisfactory results because they used the Non-expert.  Often times, we have to redo the task the right way.  Ultimately, the customer costs themselves more money, time and aggravation than they would if they simply worked with the expert, First Direct, in the first place.

One thing I purposely avoid saying when someone comes back to us after a bad experience is, “I told you so.”  No reason to rub salt into a wound.  We’re here to make you feel better, not worse!