Using Zapiers’ SMTP or IMAP Integration to connect your Web Apps with GoldMine

In a previous article I discussed how to Integrate hundreds of Web Applications with GoldMine CRM via In that article I wrote about the need to use a Webhook in order to integrate the web apps you use with GoldMine CRM. The Webhook would capture data sent to it via and in turn send a GoldMine Web Import email to your GoldMine CRM system. Once the Web Import Email is received in GoldMine it will either create a contact record or update an existing contact record.

Zapier has now introduced 2 new integrations. SMTP by Zapier and IMAP by Zapier, both allow you to send plain-text emails through your own SMTP or IMAP account. So rather than needing to host webhook scripts on your own web server for creating/sending Web Import Emails, we can now use Zapiers built in SMTP or IMAP Integrations to send the Web Import Emails instead. This is a huge time saver and makes the entire process much easier.

Instead of needing to create custom webhook/web scripts for capturing/processing your data, we can do it all from within Zapier. You simple need to know how to login and authenticate yourself on your SMTP or IMAP mail server. If you’re currently sending emails out of GoldMine or Outlook, then this shouldn’t be a problem for you at all.