Audacious Honesty as a Sales Strategy

au·da·cious /ôˈdāSHəs/ (adjective) – showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.
synonyms: bold, daring, fearless, intrepid, brave, courageous, valiant, heroic, plucky.

ˈänəstē/ (noun) – the quality of being honest.
synonyms: integrity, uprightness, honorableness, honor, morality, morals, ethics, principles, high principles, righteousness, right-mindedness.

Sales can be thought of as either the art of persuasion or the art of manipulation.  “An important difference between persuasion and manipulation is that persuasion is done with people and manipulation is done to them.”

This article is NOT intended for those with the intention of manipulating anyone.  To my mind, one has to be willing to lose the sale rather than stooping to manipulation.

We must not underestimate the people we wish to sell our products and services to.  When a prospect or customer realizes that someone is being deceptive, the cost to the relationship is nearly impossible to overcome.


In order to build a relationship, we can leverage our CRM software in various ways to reinforce an honest and persuasive sales methodology:

  • Having names of individuals along with some background on the source of that information when you call into an organization indicates a valid basis for your call.
  • Capturing notes about the meaningful needs of your prospect or customer and referring to points that they made during the sales process, will demonstrate you’ve been listening.  This in turn will also increase their sense that you care about their needs.
  • Relating your products and services to the prospects stated needs illustrates in a more convincing way that your solutions are good fit.  Such information belongs in your CRM system so it’s not lost.
  • Using your CRM to help you do more timely follow-up, especially if the prospect or customer requested it, shows respect and a customer service mentality
  • Notes and other details capturing in your CRM can help you relate in personal ways to your prospect or customer helps to build rapport.
  • Asking good questions, capturing those responses, and then tying back your presentation to the prospect or customer’s response is compelling and will give them greater confidence to do business with you.

There are numerous opportunities to practice audacious honesty in every step of the sales process, from the very first prospecting call or sales inquiry to long after the sale is made.  More lasting relationships are built on the trust that develops from this approach.