How to Validate Your E-mail Addresses with and integrate with GoldMine CRM

If you have an online blog or newsletter sign-up form, or just want to scrub your database full of email addresses, MailboxValidator is a great option with affordable pricing options.

You can upload an excel spreadsheet containing your email addresses, and MailboxValidator will scrub your list and let you know which ones are bad. They even offer several integration options. If you’re a developer they have an API, and for non-developers they offer integration with over 700+ other apps via

For the non-technical I’ll describe the process of how you can integrate/automate the process of validating your email addresses with and GoldMine CRM using their integration and GoldMine’s web import feature.

First you’ll need the following:

  1. A account
  2. A account
  3. Your GoldMine CRM setup to receive web import emails
  4. A website hosting account that allows you to create/host your own scripts (PHP preferred).

Here is how the integration would work:

Setup your account with a Zap (workflow process). The Trigger Event will be when cleans an email address that you supply to it. The Action Event will be to send that cleaned email address to a Web Hook. The Web Hook is a web script that First Direct Corp. can provide to you that you will upload and host on your web server. The Web Hook (script) will generate a web import email that will update the contact record in GoldMine that the cleaned email address is associated with.

You could have the Action Event be any number of other APPS if you choose. You could for instance, have an SMS text message sent to you alerting you about the cleaned email address, or an Alert notification via SLACK, the possibilities are quite numerous.

This process works well for Primary Email addresses ONLY. If you are attempting to clean additional email addresses, those would need to be done via the GoldMine API and with the assistance of a developer. Otherwise you would need to manually update/remove the additional email addresses yourself.

If you have questions or need assistance please contact First Direct Corp. at (800) 935-4386 or visit us at

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