Scarier Than Any Halloween

Are you protected against Ransomware?  There are a few different types of ransomware that vary from annoying to destructive.  Their intended purpose is to keep you from using your computer in the ways you normally would.  This can range from not allowing you to run certain applications to encrypting all the contents of your computer rendering all your files inaccessible.  Ransomware is evident by the fact that you will always be asked to do something to allow you to use your computer normally.  It could be as simple as asking you to sign up for some newsletter or you could be asked to pay a fee (ransom) to gain use of your computer.  While there a chance  that your computer will be ‘released’ if you comply, most often you will find your compliance is not necessarily the end of the nightmare.  Often you will gain little to nothing except perhaps a lighter wallet.

Avoiding ransomware is very much like preventing your computer from becoming infected by the multitude of other dangers such as virus and spyware infection.  Education is the first step and I urge you to do some reading to get a better understanding of what the dangers are and how to avoid them.  image-ransom-note2

Protecting yourself from ransomware is not really that difficult, but the task is made easier by utilizing applications purpose built to detect and neutralize the threat.  Some anti-virus applications will work against ransomware, but in general the most effective is a purpose built application such as Malwarebytes.  While we don’t endorse Malwarebytes, it is an application that we have known to be effective and have used extensively.

As a final line of defense, one must have a reliable back-up system.  When all else fails, an organization must be confident that it can restore to before the attack!

What you use is your choice, but if you’d like First Direct Corp’s help to better understand the choices and what’s at stake if you choose to ignore the warning, give us a call at 845-221-3800.