Ignore at Your Own Risk


In the world of information technology, bad things happen. Viruses, hardware failure, hackers, human error, natural disasters… to name a few.  And by some accounts, a shocking 70% of businesses that suffer a major data loss, are out of business within 18 months.  While, we try our best to protect ourselves from these threats, but protection is not bulletproof.  Having a solid GoldMine database backup and recovery strategy will help you minimize data loss and help get your business back up and running again.

SQL Server Standard Edition and Above (using built-in SQL Server Agent/Maintenance Plan)

  • Daily full backup of all databases to local internal hard disk. (Ignoring any databases that are offline).
  • Backup files older than ___ days will be deleted each night.


  • Scheduled integrity checks, nightly or weekly, depending on database size and hardware.
  • Email notifications for successful and unsuccessful backups/Integrity check problems.
  • Hourly transaction log backup, allowing restore to specific time within one hour.
  • Nightly differential backups, weekly full backups, for large databases with offsite/cloud storage.

While First Direct Corp’s policy is that customers are responsible for their own back-ups, First Direct is available to offer our experience and recommendations to customer’s IT personnel to consider how the database backup plan fits within the customer’s overall backup strategy.

Want a second opinion on your data back-up plans, please don’t hesitate to contact First Direct Corporation at 845-221-3800.  Really, DON’T HESITATE!