Technology and Sales – A Love-Hate Relationship


By now most sales executives accept the need for technology, even though many still love to hate it. Then there are those sales people, probably the
majority, for whom technology is a love-hate relationship which swings back and forth, albeit onesided. But strange as it seems, I love my technology! Oh sure, there are times when I feel frustrated because I don’t get my way. Some times my expectations are too high. But in the final analysis, I’d truly  be lost without it. It’s hard to imagine life as a salesperson without it!

You ask, “What’s so special about my technology?”

To begin with …

  • It remembers everything (I just have to tell it.)
  • It reminds me (I just have to ask it to.)
  • It does my letters, faxes, reports, etc.
  • It shares important information with me and for me
  • It keeps me organized, despite the fact that I’m disorganized by nature
  • It makes me look good – you can see my effort
  • I can depend on it more than others

Why do I love my technology? Because my technology makes me a better me …a better marketer/salesperson. And, I have the industry leading, nation leading, top producer trophies to prove it!

If you happen to think that my love is just a case of youthful infatuation, let me correct you. I’m in my 40’s and this relationship is well past the honeymoon phase. We’ve been partners for well over ten years. No, this is real, lasting, commitment.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had my ups & downs. There have been times when I struggled. And, I  know my technology has some quirks I could do without.

Then again, no technology is perfect! Besides, I’ve found ways to live with the things that I don’t like.  I’ve managed to work around the important issues. Ultimately, many of the problems, once resolved,  have actually strengthened our relationship.

I’m not embarrassed to say that I got help.  Sometimes you need to find other technology or a professional to get you through a challenging period. It’s worked out very well.

OK, that’s enough. I’ve drawn this metaphor to  “love-hate relationships” in order to make a point about technology that I find is lost over & again in organizations by their decision makers.

In all my years of helping people and businesses to  use technology to improve their marketing and grow their sales, I find that the key to people’s  success has more to do with human factors than anything else. Even the technical problems are often just the result of poor decisions.

We can choose to be successful. Or, we can fall into patterns that lead to failure. Awareness and willingness are two important keys to success.