QB2CRM Customers Should Avoid Upgrading to Windows 10


Due to a recently discovered anomaly on a single Windows 10 machine, First
Direct Corp. is advising our QB2CRM customers to NOT upgrade their users’ computers to
Windows 10. Specifically, users’ machines that have both GoldMine and
QuickBooks installed should avoid upgrading to Windows 10. Users’ machines with
just GoldMine installed, and not QuickBooks, are ok on Windows 10.

The anomaly is not caused by the QB2CRM software itself, but rather by one of
the prerequisite components, manufactured by a 3rd party. We are still in the
process of pinpointing both the exact cause and a resolution.

This anomaly causes the affected machine’s Windows explorer.exe process to get
stuck in a crash/restart loop. We have experienced only a single case of this
anomaly, however we are being cautious about the situation and for now,
advising QB2CRM customers to avoid Windows 10, until we can do further research
and troubleshooting.