Using the Lookup.ini to Automatically Fill-in and Update GoldMine Fields

In this class we will go over how to create a Lookup.ini script/file for GoldMine. The Lookup.ini script can automatically update a field based on when a contact record is created or when changes are made to another field on an existing contact record.

Examples of Using Lookup.ini

  • Entering/Changing Data in One Field Updates Another Field
  • Checking Several Fields to Update Another Field
  • Update a Field If NO Match is Found
  • Updating Two Fields from One Trigger Field
  • If the Field to Update is Pre-Populated
  • Update a Field Based on an Expression
  • The Calculation of Numeric Fields
  • Calculating Fields Using Decimal Places
  • Averaging Blank and Filled Fields Using Hypothesis Values
  • Automatically Assigning Colors to Calendar Actvities When They Are Scheduled
Date: Tuesday Feb 24, 2015
Time: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST.
Cost: $50.00 per attendee
Location: Online