How To Make Skype Calls with GoldMine – Part 2

This is an alternative method for making Skype calls with GoldMine as previously described in an original article titled How To Make Skype Calls with GoldMine .

This method uses the GM+View or GM+Browser feature of GoldMine to create HTML Links that when clicked will Start a Skype Call automatically based on the Phone number or Skype Name stored in a GoldMine field.

1. Login To GoldMine as a user with Master Rights

2. Go to Web >> Setup GM+View

3. Click the New button

4.  In the Template Name field,type “Call using Skype” or some other meaningful description

5. Then in the large window enter the following text: CALL PHONE1

6. Highlight the text and then click the Link Icon at the top.

7. Enter the following as the URL/Link:  skype:<<&Phone1>>?call

8. In the Type column, select the (other) option

9. Click OK

Now if you want to be able to make Skype calls to other Phone numbers in GoldMine just repeat the above process starting at #5 and just replace PHONE1 with PHONE2 and/or PHONE3 and in Step 7 Replace &Phone1 with &Phone2 and/or &Phone3.

If you want to be able to make a Skype to Skype call using someones Skype Name, you must have a user defined field created in GoldMine that will store the users Skype Name ie USKYPENAME. Then in the URL/LINK in the GM+View use the following: