Create/Update GoldMine Contacts From Your Websites Form Submissions

With GoldMine’s web import feature you can automatically create a contact record in GoldMine from information submitted from a web form on your website.

Once the new contact record is created or existing contact updated, you can unleash the power of GoldMine Automated Processes. Automatically send an e-mail, automatically print a letter and envelope, automatically schedule a follow up call! GoldMine Web Import frees you from time consuming “busy work” and allows you to focus on serving your customers and building your business.

With GoldMine Web Import you can manage every facet of client and prospect information. Combine Web Data Capture, e-mail, scheduling, telemarketing and sales tools. Put your Internet Business into high gear with e-mail merging capabilities, Sales Analysis, Forecasting, and much, much, more!

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