GoldMine Premium Edition Version 2014.2 Hotfix 1 Released

GoldMine Premium Edition Version 2014.2 Hotfix 1

GoldMine Premium 2014.2.0.812 / GoldMine Connect 2014.2.0.531

Note:  To upgrade GoldMine Connect, it is necessary to uninstall any existing version of GoldMine Mobile or GoldMine Connect and install GoldMine Connect 2014.2.0.531 as a new installation.  It may also be necessary to clear device/browser cache.

What’s New in GoldMine 2014.2 Hotfix 1

Users of GoldMine Web can complete an unscheduled activity from the contact list or contact record.  A Create History (checkmark) icon is available with the Schedule and Forecast Sale icons.  This allows a user to add a completed Call, Action, or Event directly to History without first scheduling the activity.

What’s Fixed in GoldMine 2014.2 Hotfix 1

Issue #



Major performance issues running any report that runs against conthist


Message regarding Microsoft Office during install updated


security hole with exposing SQL password for GoldMine database in Log files for GMME and Google Apps Sync


security hole when enabling Log files and APILogs for GMME  –  GoldMine user’s password is exposed in plain text


when the original sender has an apostrophe in the friendly name and the e-mail does have several recipients >> when replying to all the CC recipients will be stripped out


GoldMine mobile does not release the license after you log out of GoldMine mobile


Completing a multi-user appointment will complete all appointments against the completing user, this is different to how a single appointment completes and needs to be changed.


Use “EDIT” in a  contact record with GoldMine Mobile and select “DONE,” GoldMine Mobile removes the values the fields: Key2, Key3, Key4, and Key5


Specific RECIDs of contact records cause GMWEB not to open the Contact from a hyperlink e.f. from an activity in calendar to the contact >> it opens either nothing or instead the contact list


[GMWEB] When using forced valid input for the state fields F2 Lookup entry that contains comments, the entry will not show as valid input in


GMWEB does not display all activities graphical calendar or the Activities list when the user has more than 100 activities scheduled for the displayed activity type