Importing Records into GoldMine Using OpenOffice Calc vs MS Excel

I recently downloaded and installed OpenOffice Calc. It is an Open Source spreadsheet application, similar to Microsoft Excel, except its FREE.  I was excited when I saw that it allowed you to save files in dbase file format, which MS Excel no longer allows you to do. This has always been my preferred file format for when I am importing contacts into GoldMine.  For anyone that has saved their files as a CSV (comma seperated values) file format in excel, they know that they usually need to remove or replace all the commas in the file before saving or you need to run some Visual Basic procedure in Excel in order to save as both Quote Delimited and Comma Seperated files.

Well with OpenOffice Calc, your troubles are now solved. All you need to do is Open your excel file in OpenOffice and save your file as a DBF (dbase) file. No need to replace/remove any comma’s from your spreadsheet and also if your headings match the field that you want to import into, there is no need to relabel each column like you usually need to do when you import from a CSV file. GoldMine will use the headings specified in your DBF file directly as the importing fields. I would strongly recommend anyone who does a lot of importing into GoldMine from excel to look at OpenOffice Calc and saving as dbase files vs using Microsoft Excel and saving as CSV.