Are You Still running the Windows XP Operating System?

There isn’t much time remaining. Come Tuesday, April 8th 2014, Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft.

What happens after April 8, 2014?
  • Microsoft will no longer provide customer support for Windows XP.
  • Microsoft will no longer provide security patch management for Windows XP.
What if you’re still running Windows XP?
  • Running software that is unsupported by the vendor violates a number of regulatory requirements.
  • Running unsupported software poses a significant security risk to your business.
What The experts all agree about the security risks.
  • Microsoft has stated that customers who don’t move away from the Windows XP operating system before it’s retired face a 66% increase in malware attacks.
  • XP’s retirement will be a hacker heaven — they’ll be standing by to attack as soon as Microsoft retires Windows XP.
  • Cybercriminals are expected to head into overdrive in releasing exploits of vulnerabilities.
  • Organizations who keep XP in place as a primary operating system are painting a big bull’s eye on their computers and networks.
  • Can you afford to place your business at risk?
  • First Direct Corp. can help assess your situation, recommend the best course of action.
How do I migrate off Windows XP?

To stay protected after support ends, you have some options. The first option is to upgrade your current PC. Very few older computers will be able to run Windows 8.1, which is the latest version of Windows. We recommend that you download and run the Windows Upgrade Assistant to check if your PC meets the system requirements for Windows 8.1 and then follow the steps in the tutorial to upgrade if your PC is able. You can also purchase a new PC. If your current PC can’t run Windows 8.1, it might be time to consider shopping for a new one.

What if I am running an older version of GoldMine?

GoldMine Standard Edition is not supported on any of the newer Windows Operating Systems.  We’ve been able to “RUN” it but with limited functionality. We would recommend upgrading to the current version of GoldMine so that you can benefit from a fully supported CRM system. There are promotions being offered for those looking to upgrade. First Direct Corp. can assist with migrating your GoldMine from an old PC to a New PC and upgrading your GoldMine as well.