Setting up a SQL Server Maintenance Plan to Backup Databases

In this MS SQL Tutorial, we show you how to do SQL Server 2008 R2 database backup using SQL maintenance plans. This is an easy way for you to do Administration things like Backing up a SQL database, Updating statistics and other SQL Server DBA tasks. We show you How to use the Maintenance Plan Wizard, we create new Full database backup on MS SQL 2008. We also show you how to select the backup file location, create output log file with history on the backup process and a daily schedule that is run by the SQL Server Agent. Using the Maintenance Plan Wizard, SQL server Administration tasks are made quite easy and pretty easy to follow. We also go over the events and historical view of an existing SQL Job.

PLEASE NOTE: Your organizations own maintenance plan settings will vary from what is set in this video. For instance, the databases, the amount of weeks worth of data to keep, or how often the backups should run will depend on your organizations needs.  In many cases you will want to run backups every night, and the amount of backups you keep will depend on how much free disk space you have available on your server.