What’s Happening with MS SQL Server and GoldMine Premium Edition??

Come November 1, 2013, the maker of GoldMine Premium CRM software – FrontRange Solutions – is changing their offering.

For nearly 10 years GoldMine has included a special license of Microsoft SQL Server with their CRM software.  This was possible because of a licensing agreement between FrontRange Solutions and Microsoft.  Come November, that agreement is ending and GoldMine will NO LONGER be bundled with MS SQL Server.

ATTN: Owners of past editions of GoldMine (Standard, Corporate) – don’t miss this final opportunity to upgrade to GoldMine Premium Edition while MS SQL is still included! See what’s new in GoldMine Premium Edition 2013.1

GoldMine will continue to run on the MS SQL database engine. If a new customer does not already own MS SQL, they will need to source (obtain) a Microsoft SQL license.  Customers who already have MS SQL will need to maintain the correct # of client access licenses (CALs) for each newly added Goldmine license purchased.  First Direct is and will continue to be a source for all of these Microsoft licenses.

If you are newly purchasing GoldMine there are a couple of different options.  For smaller implementations of 1-3 users, it is possible to use a FREE downloadable version of MS SQL commonly referred to as “SQL Express.”  The express version has limitations over the NOT FREE Microsoft SQL Standard Edition.  However, it can be adequate for some.  For larger implementations of GoldMine at 5 licenses and above, we would recommend you purchase the “MS SQL Standard Edition”.  If your company currently owns MS SQL because of another software product, chances are GoldMine can use that as its engine.

Technical Document on the differences between MS SQL versions.

So many options. Of course, all this is subject to each customer’s particular situation. That’s where our role as consultant comes in. Navigating and understanding the different options can be difficult.  We will work with you to determine the correct version of SQL that will serve your needs the best – both now and in the future.


If you own an older version of GoldMine or if you are considering purchasing GoldMine it is to your advantage to purchase before the Nov. 1, 2013 deadline!

And, as always, if you’d like to speak with First Direct Corp. directly about your specific situation and needs we’d be happy to do so. To discuss this further – Call (800) 935-4386 or click here to contact us.