Does your web site integrate with GoldMine?

Wouldn’t it be nice if every time someone filled out a web form on your web site, the contact information automatically created/updated a contact record in GoldMine and notified your internal GoldMine users?

Never re-key information again.

GoldMine Web Import Scripts

Capture Web Form Data into GoldMine

With GoldMine’s web import feature you can put the power of the internet to work for you by capturing information from your web site (such as Sales Leads and Customer Contact Information) and automatically create/update a contact record in GoldMine.

Then, you can unleash the power of GoldMine with Automated Processes. Automatically send an e-mail, automatically print a letter and envelope, automatically schedule a follow up call! GoldMine Web Import frees you from time consuming “busy work” and allows you to focus on serving your customers and building your business.

With GoldMine Web Import you can manage every facet of client and prospect information. Combine Web Data Capture, e-mail, scheduling, telemarketing and sales tools. Put your business into high gear with e-mail merging capabilities, Sales Analysis, Forecasting, and much, much, more!

GoldMine Web Import is a process of customizing your web data capture forms and customizing a script to format your leads so they can be automatically entered into GoldMine.

The Web Form Page, Web Script and “Thank You” landing page ALL reside on your web site. No monthly service charge, no annual subscriptions. Just a one-time setup fee for work performed to customize your forms and GoldMine Web Import Script.

Potential customers visiting your site fill out your form page and click “submit”, they are then redirected to the “Thank You” page on your web site. The data is processed in the background via the customized web import script.

With GoldMine Web Import there is no longer any need to re-enter data by hand. Web Import helps reduce data entry errors by eliminating the need to retype information into GoldMine.

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