Give Your Sales Quotes a Face Lift

Are you already using QuoteWerks to produce sales quotes for your business? QuoteWerks is the #1 quote writing software on the market. Did you know you can now use MS-Word templates for your quote layouts? You still input all of the info into your QuoteWerks quote and a PDF file still gets produced as the final format that your customer gets. But rather than editing your print layouts in QuoteWerks’ built-in layout editor, you can use MS-Word instead. Here are some advantages of using Word templates with QuoteWerks:

  • Easier Editing – Most people are comfortable with editing a Word document. Word is much more user friendly compared to QuoteWerks’ built-in designer.
  • Better Layout/Design Tools – Think of all the great tools at your disposal when creating a Word document: Tables, endless fonts, text boxes, word art, insert photos, drawing tools, etc… All of those things are at your disposal when creating a QuoteWerks Word template!
  • Section and Item Separation – Many businesses quote two or more kinds of things within a single quote. For example, a business that sells both products and services, or products and warranties, or installation and maintenance, or one-time vs. monthly fees, etc… Using a Word template you can create distinct print sections for each type of item/service, allowing you to customize that section of your quote perfectly for that specific group of line items.
  • Great for Both Short and Long Format Quotes – Word templates work great for short 1-2 page quotes like this. And if you’d like to produce from QuoteWerks a more formal “proposal” looking quote, along with your company background information, customer references, some product/policy information, something presentation worthy, a Word template does a fantastic job.

So if you’d like to really make your quotes stand out against the competition, you should consider using Word templates with QuoteWerks. We here at First Direct, Corp. can assist you with your quote layout design. We have created layouts for our customers ranging from very clean and simple, to more elaborate layouts comprised of multiple sections, product images, and custom formulas. Please contact us if you would like to learn more.