Going Mobile with GoldMine Mobile Edition

GoldMine Mobile Edition brings GoldMine to your iPhone or iPad. Using the standard touch-based gestures you expect on an iPhone or iPad, you can browse contacts, scheduled activities, and emails.

You can complete and add notes – and you can also use one of the most powerful aspects of GoldMine: schedule tasks or activities for others on your team and in your company for follow up. If you’re out in the field, those back in the office can schedule for you – even sending you an SMS text alert letting you know you have a new lead or phone call to follow up. You can also use the Cases of GoldMine for customer service calls – and have your reps complete them as they go.


It’s all real-time – so everyone sees changes as they happen.  GoldMine Mobile Edition provides a great way to track key activities, update customer records, schedule new tasks and follow ups.

Visit our website to view a demonstration video or to request a presonal demonstration.