Before You Search In GoldMine

You may have heard the expression “it’s not what you know, but knowing where to find it.” This is certainly true when it comes to your GoldMine database, where your ability to find a piece of information or a record(s) containing that information will depend on knowing how to go searching for it.

Since GoldMine offers multiple ways to look-up/find information it’s key to know which method to use – which tool to go searching with. The table below will help you to appreciate your best option* based on the nature of your search criteria.

Search Criteria Contact Search Center Universal Search SQL Query
Fast lookup of a value from any field X
Lookup of a value from one or multiple specific Contact1 or Contact2 Fields X X
When you want to use “Operators” such as “Does NOT Contain” or “Greater Than” X X
Quick search for a value throughout all the GoldMine Tables (History, Pending, Notes, Emails, even document contents, etc.) Especially useful when you don’t know where to look. X
A complex search requiring specific criteria X
Information from Specific “Details” Fields X
Content in Documents Linked to GoldMine Records X
A partial value, such as 4 digits of a phone number or serial number X

*Author has indicated above my most likely search method, which is not to say you can not find what you’re looking for with another method.

As a general rule, my preferred search tool is the Contact Search Center. It is fast and efficient for the look-ups that are done most commonly throughout the day, such as a last name or company name. Since with GoldMine you can have multiple tabs open at the same time, one can easily jump to which ever search tool is most suitable.

The and SQL Query Search tools require more knowledge to use effectively. First Direct Corp. offers webinars on each of these topics. Below are links to such classes:

An Introduction to Microsoft SQL Queries & Reporting Services

GoldMine Universal Search

Filters and Groups offer search options as well.  To learn more about all these options and their respective pros & cons we offer the following training event as well –  Filters, Groups, and SQL Queries. 

Or, if you’d like to work with a First Direct expert one-on-one give us a call at (800) 935-4386!