The Power of Repetition

Eight smart reasons to use repetition!

We hear the word repetition used over and over again in marketing. Especially from anyone trying to sell us advertising! Maybe they’re just trying to sell us something, or maybe they know something. Here’s what I know about the power of repetition and what it can do for you:

  1. Right Place at Right Time – If the timing isn’t right … it may not matter how good your overall message is. Today’s consumer suffers from “information overload.” People are just too overloaded to pay attention to things that are of low or no priority to them. They may buy your product or service in a month from now, but if you are a month early or a month late, you lose. Repetition improves the odds of being in the right place at the right time.
  2. Right Message – Life has been calle d a “moving parade” and at any point in time there’s something new passing by. What interests one, may not interest another. Repetition gives you more opportunities to appear before your prospect with something of interest to them. Each new communication you do affords the marketer or sales person with the opportunity to try a new, albeit congruent, message. What works for one prospect, may not be effective with another. Altering your message gives you a chance to appeal to more people.
  3. Easier for the Consumer – Making it easier for the consumer can lift response. Repetition puts your offer in front of the consumer thereby making it easier to find what they’re looking for. (Assuming that they were in the market for your product or service.) Plus, repeating certain information inside an offer, such as phone number or website, makes it easier for them to respond.
  4. Residual Effect – Each marketing message has an impact that leaves a residual impression in the mind of our prospective consumer. Even if they don’t act on it, as long as we capture their attention and interest, our marketing can have some lasting, residual effect. This can have a positive influence on the strength of subsequent marketing and sales communications. In other words, past communications can increase our ability to motivate our consumer in future communications.
  5. “Top-Of-Mind” Awareness – Building brand recognition is a long accepted mission for marketing.  The fact is that purely “institutional” or brand-awareness advertising is out of financial reach for many businesses. Most organizations have shifted over to direct response advertising where the emphasis is on motivating our consumer to take some form of action. With repetitive direct response communications, you can also build “top-of-mind” awareness.
  6. Relationship Development – To build and maintain any relationship , you need to stay in touch.
  7. Thin-out Your Competition – Studies show that the majority of people who inquire on a product or service do eventually purchase it. In many industries, especially those with a longer sales cycle, the majority of sales are made after 5 or more contacts. Yet, less than 10% of salespeople make five or more contacts. This is one important explanation for why 80% of the sales go to less than 20% of the salespeople in any industry. Therefore, repetitive follow-up alone will thin out your competition.
  8. Database Maintenance – As you follow-up you come to learn about changes in information. Key contacts change along with their contact information. You have more opportunity to collect missing information. You increase the value and usefulness of your database through repetition.

GoldMine Software has features that support efforts to be more repetitive including:

  • Schedule recurring activities.
  • Automatic tracking of “last contact date” so that “Queries” can identify customers/prospects which have been overlooked and warrant a follow-up.
  • Automated Processes to create “drip” campaigns that space emails and/or scheduled call backs at intervals into the future.
  • Filters/Groups for creating lists for targeted marketing campaigns.

Using these features and others a business is able to use repetition for the smart reasons in this article.  Learn more – work with a First Direct expert to help you build your business by leveraging the power of GoldMine.  Contact us at (800) 935-4386.