Facebook and Twitter are great!  But I urge people, who value their friendships and the feelings of others, to consider my thoughts below …

One can understand the joy an Obama victory brings to many (about half the nation) but one should also understand the disappointment that this also brings to the other half of our nation. There is equal patriotic passion on both sides!

For many who genuinely believe Obama’s re-election means the country continues in the wrong direction, this is angering. As I am sure it would be for the others had Romney been elected. If you love America, and you sincerely believe your country is heading in the wrong direction, it is only natural to be angry.

It is hard to find a place for that anger. I urge people to keep in mind that when you are boastful of an Obama victory, you may invite that anger to become personal animosity toward you and what you represent. Nobody likes a sore winner or a sore loser.  Worse yet if a person is such a sore winner that they enjoy upsetting others who were just as passionate and patriotic.

By the same token, we need to keep this in perspective. What has just played out is a political process where there are always winners and losers — celebration and disappointment. If we truly want to work together then the winners, as well as the losers, have to reach across in respect and try to understand one another and find a way to join hands to take our nation forward. Otherwise, it will be four more years of the same bullshit gridlock.

They say in a democracy you get the government you deserve – let’s deserve better!!

Bob Ritter