CRM and Your Office Administrator

A good Office Administrator/Manager is a gem!  They keep the office running smoothly and without them some of us are lost!  In addition, our customers come to rely on our Office Administrators for information and assistance they need from us.

I know our companies are different, but our office administrative staff does a lot of the same stuff!   GoldMine CRM is a tool that should be embraced by your office administrative staff.  The features it offers are a perfect fit for the administrative tasks they do.

The marketing of CRM software is generally directed at the head of sales and/or marketing.  Along the way, I believe the the value of CRM is often given little attention when it comes to the role of the office administrator/manager.  I urge you not to make this oversight!

My office administrator is not a computer expert – she is a “creature of habit” who freaks out when anything happens with her computer because she relies so heavily on GoldMine!  As Marjorie likes to put it, “I can’t think of anything off the top of my head because it’s all in GoldMine.”

Our office administrator will tell you, GoldMine plays an integral and essential part in the administration of daily business functions including but not limited to:

  • Lead Distribution
  • Office Task Delegation and Handling
  • Collections
  • Customer Service and Relations
  • Vendor Management
  • Renewals and Expirations
  • Documenting Activities and Communications
  • Contributing to the Quality (accuracy) of your Data

GoldMine Provides a Vital Inter-office Connection
Because GoldMine is a shared database, the information that your administrators enter into GoldMine is accessible to the entire office.  So as they update your GoldMine records the whole office benefits.  And, as other users enter information the office administrator is able to see that. GoldMine reduces redundancy and keeps your office in sync.  It also reduces disruptions because one person doesn’t have to interrupt another to get information that they should be able to find themselves in GoldMine.

With all the focus on marketing & sales, I believe it’s time to put a light on what office administrators do and how they can use GoldMine more effectively in the operation of a business.  To do so, I’ve organized a webinar for my customers’ office administrators that will be taught by my office administrator.  She’s plenty nervous about doing it, but I know she’ll be great and that you’ll find her insights very valuable.

If you’d like to get information on our upcoming GoldMine webinar for office administrators click here.