GoldMine and Exchange Integration

Now and again we here the call for Exchange Integration with GoldMine.  While GoldMine does have Outlook integration native functionality in GoldMine Premium, server side integration between the GoldMine server and the Exchange server has been lacking.  First a few words about Outlook integration.

GoldMine Premium’s native integration with MS Outlook provides users with the ability to:

  • Sync one’s local Outlook Calendar to their GoldMine User Calendar with controls over bi/omni-directional and choice of folder
  • Sync ones  local Outlook Address Book to their GoldMine Records with controls over bi/omni-directional and choice of GoldMine group and Outlook Address book
  • Ability to automatically or selectively put a copy of an Outlook email (sent or received) into the GoldMine history
  • Provides a visual “pane” in the Outlook client that displays GoldMine Record information with options for content

NOTE:  The GoldMine system administrator has control over users settings.

There are numerous other nice features the integration offers you but there is a one big problem!  The integration is LOCAL!  Meaning the synchronization of calendar and address book happens at the client (workstation), rather than on the server.  Therefore, if a user is not logged in because they are out of the office the data will not transfer.  And, there is the need to sync at the workstation, which some users prefer to avoid.

For a time, FrontRange Solutions offered a product called GoldMine Integration with Microsoft Exchange, generally referred to as GISME.   Unfortunately, FrontRange Solutions sunset that product and support for MS Exchange 2010 is not offered.  This left the GoldMine community lacking a solution that for some organizations is essential.  Fortunately, a third-party developer/firm stepped in with a solution that has a proven track record with providing Exchange and other database integration for years.  They used their platform to build a true server-based synchronization between GoldMine Premium and Exchange.

The product is called RIVA.  Riva is the leading CRM sync solution for Microsoft Exchange. Riva is an “on-premise” solutiona that gets installed only once on a server and no plug-ins need to be installed, configured or managed on users’ desktops, laptops or mobile devices.

Riva offers a reliable, “server-side” sync alternative that replaces Outlook plug-ins for many of the major CRM products and now they also support GoldMine.  Riva will sync your CRM contacts and calendar to the best smartphones and tablets with full support for iPad 3, iPhone 4S, BlackBerry and the latest Android devices. Data is available in online and offline modes.

First Direct sells RIVA.  For more information click on RIVA or contact First Direct Corp. at (800) 935-4386.