Training a NEW GoldMine User

Let’s say your office has GoldMine and you’ve just hired a new employee and they need to be trained.  And, you’re wondering, “what is the best way to go about getting them trained?”  As someone who has done GoldMine training for over 15 years and won “Trainer of the Year,” here is what I suggest.

To begin with you’ll want to consider the following:

  1. Their role in the company.  Salespeople, administrators, management, and officers may warrant different training approaches.   Management may want some one-on-one coaching so they can see features and ask questions that they may find awkward to ask with their staff around them.  Furthermore, there are topics that simply do and do not apply depending on the job responsibilities of the student.  For example, forecasting a sale may be something a salesperson does versus an office administrator.
  2. Experience with learning software applications.  Some people attack learning software with confidence and come to it naturally.  Others get nervous just at the idea of software training.  The pace at which people learn and need for personal instruction can vary.
  3. Training and learning are different!   It’s one thing to be trained and it’s another to learn.  Some people learn better on their own, in a self-paced way, with resources like a CD or manual or help file — experimenting in the system as they go.  Others would be lost that way and need the guidance of an instructor.  Either way, the real learning happens when you’re doing it!   That’s why even when you do involve an instructor or coach, students need time on their own to work with what they’ve been shown.  I believe anything more than 2 hours, or even 90 minutes of solid instruction is TOO much at one time.  Any more than that and the average student is going to reach overload.  At which point your training dollars are being wasted.
  4. Public training events such as those listed under First Direct’s “Sharpen Your Knowledge” training web page are an opportunity for short topical classes.   Here students or their supervisors can select topics that are related to the needs of the student.  Small live classes provide an opportunity for Q&A and interaction.


Don’t forget about the GoldMine User Guide.   While manuals are not a favorite of many, they are a very handy resource.   GoldMine’s built-in Help files, found on the applications “pull-down menu” put the manuals at your finger tips!   The F1 function key will launch the manual when you are using GoldMine.

Last but not least, you have yourselves!   If you’ve got an experienced GoldMine user in your office who is willing to take the time, they can be a great resource.  And, they know your business so they can relate the way your office is using GoldMine to the new person.  Unfortunately they may also come with bad habits that get passed on to your new employee, which may be just what you’re trying to avoid.  In addition, a professional trainer (pardon the shameless plug) can probably take the new employee and the existing one to greater levels of productivity with your GoldMine system.

Want to discuss your specific training needs?  Give me, Bob Ritter, GoldMine Trainer of the Year, a call at 845-221-3800!