Swapping Additional Contact Phones

Along the way, in the development of Premium Edition, FrontRange Solutions chose to change the label on the “additional contact” fax field from “Fax” to “Mobile.”  This created several problems for users who had actively been entering fax numbers into that field for the original purpose it was intended.

To begin with, if you’d been storing faxes there they were all labeled as “Mobile” numbers.  That’s enough confusion, but it was further complicated if you went to “Swap” an Additional Contact with a Primary Contact.  When you did that the value in the Primary Fax number (C1) field swapped with the Additional Contact’s “Mobile” field.  Ugh!  FrontRange was making even more of a mess of things.

There’s a couple things you could consider doing.  For one, there is a way to change the label on the Additional Contact “Mobile” BACK TO FAX!  Here’s how:

The Mobile field in the Additional Contact record can be relabeled for use as a Fax number or for storing other data.  To change the label of this field, include the following entry in the [GoldMine] section of the gm.ini configuration file:  AddContactFaxLabel=Fax

After you’ve done this the “Swapping” of contacts makes sense again.  Albeit, now you won’t have a field for “Mobile” in the Additional Contact Record.  Since Mobile phones are probably more useful than Faxes for additional contacts you may want to consider the following alternative approach.

Rather than “relabeling Mobile back to Fax” one could create a brand new “Fax” field on the Primary Contact Screen and globally move all the existing C1.Fax data into it.  Then, relabel C1. Fax to “Mobile.”   And now, when you swap contacts the Mobiles match up!  Just a thought ….