Speed Kills … Except When It’s Your Computer

No doubt you’ve heard the expression “speed kills” as a reference to driving too fast.  But there’s there one situation when it’s the other way around and the lack of speed kills.  And, that’s when it comes to computers!  With computers, the lack of speed kills productivity, nerves, and job performance, which in turn can lead to even more damaging outcomes to a business!

So when it comes to your computer you want it to scream with speed.  Here are five (5) main factors that effect the speed of your computer:

  1. Too many services running in the background
  2. Too many start-up applications
  3. Too many unneeded programs taking up space
  4. Slow Hard drives
  5. Spy-ware and Viruses

Being the way hardware and operating systems have advanced and come down in price, it’s pretty safe to say that if your computer is 6-10 years or more old, you can achieve an ROI from a new machine.  By the same token, even a newer machine, let alone a somewhat older machine can gain performance speed with a some adjustments and maintenance.  Examples of what you could do include:

  • Defragging the Hard Drive once a week
  • Create a Page\Swap file with a fixed size and place
  • Upgrade your network card to a 10/100/1000 style NIC
  • Remove unneeded programs
  • Add more RAM: 32 bit OS – 4GB maximum however it’s really around 3.3gb that is usable .64bit OS -192 gb  maximum currently. The future for 64 bit is offered towards the 16 exabytes or 17.2 billion gigabytes maximum limit.

Applications such as GoldMine Premium demand a lot from the resources of your machine.   Add the demands of Microsoft Office products and today’s graphics and audio files, and you can really suffer if you machine doesn’t have what it takes!

If you want some help from a computer geek who’s also a speed freak, and you don’t know where to turn, give us a call at First Direct Corp.  We have just the guy!