Searching for “Details in GoldMine”

GoldMine software allows users to store information in many places.  Where you should put it depends on the nature of what you want to store and track, as well as how you want to search for and report on the data.  The purpose of this post is not to address that decision, rather to provide an answer to a question I am often called about.   And that is, “How do you search for information stored in GoldMine’s Details tab”? 

Unlike  the flat fields in GoldMine Contact1 and Contact2 tables, the GoldMine Details tab have a “one-to-many relationship” which offers great flexibility and advantages.  Below, I’ve listed all the fields associated with a “Detail.”  To help with clarity, I will follow one example all the way through – storing and searching for “Serial Numbers” – but this could be anything!

GoldMine Detail Information:

  • Detail Name – the category or type of information you are storing (e.g. Serial Numbers)
  • Details Reference – the primary look-up (e.g. Product Name)
  • Note – a memo field that would allow you to describe and journal the entry
  • Custom Fields – GoldMine Premium allocates 12 fields that can be custom labeled, however the field lengths and formats are predefined (eg. Product Version, Purchase Date, Number of User Licenses, etc.)
  • Audit Information – GoldMine automatically enters the date the Detail was entered and updated including the user who did so
  • Custom Tab – there is the ability to create a custom tab specially for this information

How to Search for a GoldMine Detail:

  1. GoldMine Search Center – drop down the “Search By” and select Details
  2. GoldMine Details Tab – right click on the specific category of Details and select “Lookup” from the local menu
  3. GoldMine Lookup Wizard – to create custom SQL queries
  4. GoldMine Universal Search – will pickup data stored in any of the Details fields
  5. Report Writers – SQL Reporting Services, Crystal Report Writer, MasterMine, Stonefield, etc.
  6. GoldMine Premium Dashboards– in GoldMine 9.x
  7. Details Plus– offers filter capabilties and expanded integration with GoldMine Details including but not limited to Email and Letter merge

Have an idea for how you want to use Details and need a second opinion or some professional assistance, or any questions?  Let us know!