GoldMine Premium 9.x Coming Out …

FrontRange Solutions is about to release GoldMine Premium Edition 9.  We are anticipating it to be near the end of May 2010. This is a major release with many significant enhancements including:

1. Dashboard Infrastructure

  • Real-time, graphical, and interactive view of your CRM data provides you intelligent understanding of your business results and processes
  • Benefit from intuitive and easy to read perspectives of you organization’s activities and the happenings with your prospects, customers, customer service issues, and more
  • Includes many predefined dashboards along with the flexibility to modify and create your own powerful dashboards
  • Because you can “drill-down” into the data and contact records associated with the tables that the dashboards are based on, unlike other competitive CRM solutions, GoldMine’s dashboards are superior tools for users and management and can contribute to greater productivity and effectiveness

2. Greatly Expanded MS Outlook Integration

  • View related GoldMine record information, including record fields, notes, opportunities, cases, and more from your Outlook calendar, address book, and even linked emails
  • Quickly and easily associate your Outlook calendar, addresss book, and even emails with records in GoldMine
  • Apply GoldMine email templates when composing emails in Outlook
  • Automated synchronization with many ways to control the transfer of data between Outlook and GoldMine
  • Leverage Outlook as a conduit for communicating your GoldMine information with your Smartphone
  • Many other benefits as well

3. Numerous Administration Improvements

4. Hundreds of User Interface Changes 

Many of us who have seen the new GoldMine Premium Edition 9.x as BETA testers and Solution Partners are very excited about what this latest update has to offer.  Personally, I believe this is a “game changer” for the entire GoldMine community, including the users.  Just when firms are beginning to appreciate the high ongoing rental costs and disadvantages of software as a service, GoldMine with its affordable one-time purchase price, and the many feature benefits that are native to the application is becoming a more attractive solution than ever!

Click here to see flash slides including the 8.5 Upgrade and the new GoldMine 9.x.

Click here to attend a live demonstration of GoldMine 9.x with First Direct.

GoldMine Premium Edition owners with Current Maintenance are entitled to this upgrade at NO software charge.
Older edition users can upgrade – contact First Direct for special pricing.