How to Copy/Move Contacts From One GoldMine Database to Another

Many GoldMine users prefer to have seperate databases for their Prospects and Customers, and when a Prospect finally becomes a Customer they simply Copy/Move the contact from the “Prospects” Database to the “Customers” Database.

Here is how to do it:

1. Ensure you have current backups of both databases.

2. In GoldMine, open the database that records will be copied or moved from.

3. For those using  GoldMine 4.x – 7.x, Select File >> Synchronize >> Copy/Move Records

For those using GoldMine 8.x, Select Tools >> Data Management >> Copy/Move Records

4. Select the target database that the records will be copied or moved to from the Select Target Contact Set drop down.

5. Specify the Record Selection by selecting Current Record (to move the contact record you are on) or Group of Contact Records. This option will allow selection of a filter or contact group.

6. Select the Transfer Method. Copy will move a copy of the selected records to the target contact set and leave the original in the source contact set. Move will remove the original from the source contact set and place it in the target contact set.

7. Click the Go button. Note: There is no undo for this operation. It is essential to have a current backup before begining this procedure