Speeding Up Your Email Center

If you are finding your GoldMine Email Center slow (when moving from one Email to another, deleting, replying, or filing Emails) you may want to turn off the “Sync Contact” feature that keeps the GoldMine Contact Record in sync with the your email center. This capability can be toggle “on/off” as you see fit. Simply right-click on the header of any Email in your Inbox and select Options->Sync Contact. When there is a check next to Sync Contact it is ON, and when there is no check it is OFF.

There are many other areas of GoldMine that also have the “Sync Contact” option, and you can turn it ON/OFF in a similar fashion: Contact Search Center, Calendar, Activity List, Opportunity Manager, Project Manager, Case Manager, Groups. Although the “Sync Contact” option appears in these other areas, the performance impact is by far most noticeable in the Email center.

Note: After you turn this option OFF, it is still very easy to navigate directly to a linked contact by right-clicking on the Email and selecting “Go to Contact.” This gives you nearly the same functionality without degrading performance.