How to Add Icons to Your Premium Tool Bar

With GoldMine Premium version 8.00.80208 and higher you can easily add any GoldMine pull-down menu item to your toolbar. Just click on the options button on the end of your toolbar for editing your toolbar. Choose “customize.” (Don’t confuse the taskbar customize button with the toolbar.) Once that window opens up you can then go up to the pull down menus drag any menu item to the toolbar. Then you can drag and drop the icon to where you want it on the toolbar. When you drag a menu choice to the toolbar it’s taken out of the pull down menu, but you can get back on the menu by “resetting the menu.” That option can be found on the local editing menu. To open that menu just right click on any icon to expose a local menu. From there you’ll also be able edit the button, change or remove the image, edit the words, and more! You can also create your own custom toolbars for specific purposes. When you’re done, just close the “customize window.”